Happy Holidays

     Well the second Academic Quarter is now finished and my Christmas break is winding down – back to school on Monday.  I feel like it hasn’t even really been a vacation because I’ve been so swamped.  The holiday season tends to be stressful enough but the last week of school before Christmas this year was possibly one of the most stressful weeks of my entire career.  I had my 12th graders turn in research papers, my 6th graders turn in projects and a test, and my 12th graders had final exams.  So I had to have all of those items graded and finished before the 23rd of December.  So within 2.5 days I had read & graded 70, 5-page papers, 55 tests, 55 projects, and 70 final exams.  I think that I got about 5 hours of sleep.  Thankfully it was all finished by when it needed to be and I completely collapsed on the 23rd and slept all day.   I almost had a nervous breakdown because the Scantron machine broke and I had to grade all of my 12th graders final exams by hand.  Yay!  Thankfully I had 55 willing 6th graders to help me.  Otherwise I’d still be grading it all. 

     In a totally foolish move, I’ve deceided that working 2.5 jobs doesn’t keep me busy enough and that I should go back to school.  In 5 semesters I’ll have my second Master’s Degree and my administrative certificate.  Maybe that will make me more marketable.  Goodness knows I’ve had no luck finding good teaching jobs – maybe I can find a good Department Head or Instructional Coach job.  The pace of my current job is not sustainable in the long term and I don’t want to start hating my career – which is pretty much the only thing that I’m good at.