Ah the dreaded upcoming school year….

     Well there are only 7 more class days of summer school left.  Thank goodness.  I wish I had more than one week off inbetween summer school and the first day that staff members are required to report for duty on August 8th.  Of course all of my lofty goals for planning my 12th graders’ curriculum and having time to myself this summer haven’t even come close to happening.  Instead, I’ve been wasting 25 hours a week on this project of our CEO’s.  Whatever – I’ll do anything for an extra buck.  Speaking of extra bucks, normally I get all excited at this time of the year because once I go back to school I get my first check of the school year & get to see at least a little bit of a raise.  Due to the income tax raise & the miniscule ‘raise’ I was offered this year – I’ll be making the exact same amount for another full year.  Yay – I guess I can’t quit my second job.  Hopefully this year I won’t have to work a 3rd job again – because that really did make me homicidal.

     Things that I’m worried about for the upcoming school year:

  1. Does my school have a dean or a principal yet?  Last I heard – the answer was totally up in the air on both issues.  Without leadership – the whole ship sinks.
  2. Time/Schedule – if my preliminary schedule is correct (which I can only assume it is) I will be teaching 7, 45-minute class periods and have a 20 MINUTE BREAK – with a 30 MINUTE lunch.  20 minutes is no where close to what I need.  I have already quit all of my after-school clubs, etc because I will have a nervous breakdown by Christmas if this is truly my schedule. 
  3. Classroom dilemnas – I got told a week ago that I would have to switch classrooms.  AWESOME – because I totally hot-glue-gunned all of my stuff to the walls last year to keep everything fro perpetually falling off after I was told I wouldn’t have to move.  YAY!!!!  I’m going to have to call some ex-students and have them come in and help me.  This will be my 5th classroom is 10 years.  At least I’ll be across the hall from my BFF.
  4. Teaching a whole new curriculum to 12th graders – that I haven’t even remotely had time to begin getting together.  My goal was to write all of my unit plans & have my stuff together by August so I could use my planning time (all 20 minutes of it) effectively.

Oh well – yet another overworked, underpaid teacher.  See here for the argument that Congress should worry less about class size and more about teacher time to truly improve the education of America:  http://www.nettally.com/palmk/TeacherHours.html

     So after listening to kids in Chicago gripe about how “its too hot in here to work” and whining and crying about how “its torture to keep us in this hot little room”  during our most recent heatwave – apparently CPS has been getting a lot of angry phone calls from parents bitching a blue streak about how hot thier children are & how dangerous it is.  They’re claiming that school starts too soon in August for un-airconditioned schools, etc.  (One parent talked to me for 25 minutes yesterday about all the angry phone calls she planned on making about the issue).  I told her to please call, as mobs of angry parents are the only thing that will change the situation, as mobs of angry teachers complaining about fair working conditions are merely called selfish.  Today – I saw this awesome update from our brillant new fearless leader telling us all not to worry – that he bought us 1,500 fans.


Thank goodness!  CPS actually has like a million classrooms so I’d like to see how those fans get divided up.  If any of them even end up in classrooms and not conference rooms or offices or administrators.  I brought my own A/C unit for summer school and it barely helps (as it isn’t really meant for a room that is as big as the room that I’m currently teaching in).  I have it ghetto rigged up with 2 fans in front of it blowing the cold air out of it as fast as possible.  It keeps you from passing out if you stand in front of it for a minute or so.  Truthfully though, aside from this week – with its’ record-breaking heat, summer school hasn’t been THAT hot.  I’m grateful because being in a room with 30 sweaty adolescents can wear on even those of us with no sense of smell.








Hilarious things that kids do/say:  This child decided she needed to respond to the title of our quiz:

   I may sound bitter – but I love my job.  And it’d be awesome if the economy got better – so that if I stopped loving it I could find something else to do with my Master’s degree from a top university.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue laughing hysterically at the  funny and weird things kids do.  (Including but not limited to being a 12-year old boy who comes to class with a huge hole in the crotch of his pants and refers to it as ‘the snake den’).

If you have some money (which neither I nor my school district does)  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider donating to my donorschoose project.  I’m only $358 away from a way to help my students.  I’d buy them everything that we need myself – but I’ve already spent $500 on students that I haven’t even met yet for next year. 


Someone out there – other than my mom – must be willing to donate a few bucks!  I’ll love you forever and thank you publically.


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